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My Alter Ego

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Carrying itself proudly with a distinguished look,

Splashed across the screen like reflections from a book,

Bearing the weight of my unspoken thoughts,

My virtual self bears my almost daily onslaughts….


Expressing more than I ever left unsaid,

Speaking to total strangers, its reach widespread,

Its power potent and leaving hearts stirred,

Its flight high and free like that of a bird…


A weapon unique to those who use it,

Either for political change or for simple wit,

Singing the song of a silent shy heart,

Bearing the golden touch of a master’s art…. 


But a worry constantly troubles me,

Is this a wishing well that bears a heavy fee?

In the process of becoming more virtual,

Are we losing touch with the actual…..?


The joy of being with loved ones,

All those words and those actions,

Sharing moments with dear friends,

Though not your fault, trying to make amends…..


Thus as we begin a new voyage,

This is something we must manage,

Balancing our alter egos with ourselves

Making sure we have memories lined on our shelves…

Anirudh Jayaram


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