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Surely the era has come of soaring TRP’s at the cost of the image of the participants who come with the intention of testing their partner’s loyalty on national television. The time has come when the youth is desperate to show its ‘I am who I am’ image to the rest of the world. But are we really interested in these youngsters who can go to any extent to earn fame on National TV. Is this what our youngsters – the so – called ‘future of the nation’ wants to represent?

Using slang words supplemented with umpteen ‘F***s’ in it has become a fashion. Some of the reality shows aired on TV are really dangerous as by imitating the attitude in the shows, the vulnerable young guns of our country are spoiling their lives.

There was a time when parents used to take utmost care to ensure that their child should refrain from falling in the trap of drugs, alcohol, premarital sex, smoking and other vices. However, the latest trouble for them comes from the very special corner of our homes held in reserve for the very special member of the family ‘The Idiot Box’. Gone are the days of physical games. Today the youth are not interested in spending their valuable energy in playing games, their interest lies in reality shows.

Use of slang words assorted with daredevil stunts is what makes this dangerous reality TV shows a matter of apprehension for the parents. A reality show to test the loyalty of the partner surely plays an vital role in letting one know whether the partner with whom one plans to marry is loyal enough or not. But do we really need such shows to tell us whether our would-be partner is loyal or not? Do we really need shows like l*** l**k ups to improve communication or sort misunderstandings between the couple? Do we need a room with cameras all over? Do we really need to discuss the problem in a relationship in front of an electronic gadget? Should we infer that today’s youth fails to understand the scripted nature of these shows and the ‘TRP ke liye kuch bhi karega’ attitude of the show makers?

A ban on such shows or at least a regulatory body which can monitor its content can prove to be room for optimism. At the same time it’s the moral onus of the people associated with such shows to think twice before airing their content so that the future of our country lives in the real word and not in the ‘reality’ world (pun intended).

Pankaj Verma             PGDM – A


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