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The End…But a New Beginning!

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God, Thank you, for this wonderful year! All the five hundred twenty five thousand and six hundred minutes of it! Thank you… for the little and big milestones that I have achieved in my life so far.

Growing up can be a painful experience sometimes, especially, when it involves handling both the emotional and mental state. But what a year of learning and growing! I wouldn’t change it for anything.

A life lived in love is so much different. I know because I too have walked the valley of darkness. And yet, I have made it through. I am here, alive and free! And everyday has become a celebration.

God, thank you for all the small miracles that comprised the bigger miracle in my life – the miracle of finding, knowing and loving myself. I was lost but now I am found. Your love was unfailing, unchanging. It was steadfast…a solid bright light that guided me through the dark times. How I have basked in that pure light of love; received comfort when my heart was pierced with pain. I see that the miracle of love is the greatest gift of all. Love truly heals!

God, thank you for giving me opportunities to create ripples of love. As I have experienced your love and grown to love myself, I have noticed that I reach out more to others. I rejoice every time I respond better to situations. I am becoming a better administrator, trainer, son, brother and friend.

And above all, God, thank you for giving me the heart to receive love from others. It reinforces my belief that love can indeed cross the distance. Love knows no boundaries, indeed. It is eternal!

I smile with delight. Your little boy is all grown up now. And I know that you are happy for me. But why are tears blurring my eyes? Perhaps it’s because I just know that there is so much love and gratitude within and all around me.

I thank you for this precious, very precious gift ….

Savio Vadakkan
Batch 2011 – 13


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