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Congratulations Siescomites. YOUR blog is finally LIVE!!

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It feels great to present to you the SIESCOMS Blog… your blog!

First things first. A great big thanks to all who sent in their creative inputs promptly, this would have been impossible without your active participation!!

We have made the best efforts to make this blog an ensemble of varied ideas ranging from spirituality to financial markets to evolution and art. The intention was to give you a taste of what we intend to mould the blog as. We envision the blog to reflect all that we are, to be a voice for our ideas and opinions.  There are talents deep within each one of us. But they have just been there, always, because we never had the time nor the resources to flaunt them. We wish to present the Blog to you, as a medium to evoke, encourage and exhibit those latent talents and skills.

We wholeheartedly hope that the SIESCOMS Blog will sustain and also reach out to people far and wide. And that is possible only if each one of you accepts the Blog as your own.. and endeavours to keep it going.

Remember, it’s a crime to hesitate. Feel free to send in anything that you want to tell the world!! And we’ll make sure it reaches them.

 Ajit Joy               Snehal Deore                Sharon Mary John


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