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My Firstpost

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Some of my college mates recently started publishing this blog few days ago. A request for contribution of articles, poems, photography was made through email some weeks back before this blog was finally published.

I wanted to write one. But i had never written one. Ever. Writing ‘Answer in Brief’ is one thing. Writing an ‘Article’ is another. Spelling mistakes. Wrong grammar. Incorrect sentences. All of them bothered me.

What if they laugh at my article. I was apprehensive.

Then came a mail last night from ‘The Blog Team’. One line in the postscript finally geared me up to write THIS one. “Just write. We came across people who said “Aree merko likhna nahi aata”. Please DO NOT worry about it. We will edit and make your contribution as best as possible.” 

As they instructed, i just wrote whatever thoughts flushed inside my mind.

This is my first article. My first post. Hope you like it!

[Name withheld on request]


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