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Brand Wars – The Hindu vs The Times of India

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And they hit back and how! not one but 3 full frontal attacks.  The Times Of India(TOI) had recently, around november, taken a dig at The Hindu with its campaign ‘Wake Up Chennai‘ where the taunt was clearly at The Hindu. As is its no nonsense and serious image, i thought that the newspaper would never respond to TOIs commercial. And i was proved wrong.

The Hindu commands a Numero Uno position in the Chennai market, you can call it the Rajnikant of newspapers in Chennai, followed by The Deccan Chronicle. Now it has come up with its ‘Stay Ahead Of The Times’ campaign making an aggressive “up yours” counter attack at the TOI. Enjoy!

Agencies involved:
TOI : Taproot India
The Hindu : Ogilvy

PS: The YouTube video title shows Stay Ahead with The Hindu, while the campaign is Stay Ahead Of The Times. Wonder why a confusion or is it deliberately done so?

The  TOI Wake Up Chennai  [Taproot India] commercial below, see The Hindu shown at 0:59.

The Hindu – ‘Stay Ahead Of The Times’ [Ogilvy]. No explanation needed.

And this one…

And this one…

Ajit Joy
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