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resounds the blending of ‘Virtues’ and ‘reality’ – a rare phenomenon in today’s world that has forgotten what the word means. The Annual Corporate Summit organised at SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS) was a modern age replication of the tradition of Gurukul. Back then gurus sat surrounded by shishyas under the shade of a banyan tree and here, we had corporate leaders encircled by blazer-clad students in an air-conditioned auditorium. The set up might have changed but undoubtedly nobody can challenge the volume and quality of knowledge and wisdom imparted to the students during this week-long Summit.

The event was a complete Management dose that covered all functions including Finance,            Human Resources, Marketing, IT, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Management. In all, we had more than 50 corporate personalities from diverse sectors, bringing with them hoards of insights gained from years of experience in their respective fields. SIESCOMS prides itself in being one of the few colleges to host such a grand event for its students. And we SIESCOMITES take pride in having been an audience to so many stalwarts in such a short span of time and in being able to interact with them face to face. More than anything, the sessions gave us a clearer perspective of how we can apply our textbook knowledge to real life scenarios and how we must prepare ourselves in order to excel once we are out there.

We as students are immensely grateful to the Management and our Professors for taking tremendous efforts for inviting the speakers, and also our batch mates who worked hard for organising the event. The experience and the insights gained in this one week will surely go a long way!!


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