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Women’s Day Celebrations at SIESCOMS..!

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It’s often said that MEN are from MARS and WOMEN are from VENUS. Ever thought why the Venusian title has been given to women?

SIESCOMSWell, Venusians are believed to value love, communication, beauty, and relationships. Their sense of self is defined through their feelings and the quality of their relationships. They experience fulfillment through loving, sharing, helping, nurturing and living together in harmony.

A woman is a manifestation of all such qualities and many more and thus is linked to Venus. She is a diva who believes in giving unconditional love without expecting anything in return. She’ll prioritize her family over her dreams, her ambitions and her desires. She’ll forget her own existence in fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of her husband and children. However, today’s woman is different! She is smart, confident, independent and ambitious; as well as loving, caring, nurturing and family oriented.

To all those wonderful women, who don’t fear to dream big, who lives to fulfill not only her own aspirations but also those of her family, who have the courage to come out and showcase the immense potential hidden within them to the world, we wish them a very Happy International Women’s Day !!

We at SIESCOMS, too had a unique way of honoring and making all the divas of SIESCOMS feel special. The Women Empowerment Cell of SIESCOMS in collaboration with the Sahyog Committee organized a small, two hour celebration on the occasion of International Women’s day, on 8th March.

The huge crowd of spectators included students and teachers from the various Post-Graduate courses and also the staff members. The event started with an introductory video on Strengths of Women and the current situation of Indian women; which was followed by a beautiful song sung by one of the students, which touched the hearts of many present there.

Next, was a role play that stole the show! The short role-play showcased sensitively and effectively, the  serious issues concerning women like dowry, child abuse, rape and others. The audience gasped in awe and there was a thundering applause throughout the play.

Following the role-play, we were fortunate that we had among us Ms. Pushplata Dighe, Assistant Police Inspector, Mumbai Police who graced the occasion with an informative session on several problems faced by women, recent instances of crime in the city and why

Ms.Pushplata Dighe, Asst. Police Inspector

Ms.Pushplata Dighe, Asst. Police Inspector

the women of today need to be self-aware and alert and self-protective. She also had an interactive Q&A round with the students. This interactive session was followed by a self-defense demonstration, which was delivered by young boys and girls from the police force .The fearless look in the eyes of the girl demonstrators, while demonstrating the various martial arts forms, surely served as an inspiration to all the girls in the auditorium.

Next came along the Photography Competition. The task of the participants was to capture the essence of women issues, and the display of the selected captured images was truly thought-provoking. Each selected participants had to explain the rationale behind clicking the particular photograph and the message that is conveys.

But that was not all.  Everything said and done, what is the benefit of it, if we fail to empower our women to protect themselves. Thus, in an attempt to empower the women of

The Photography Competition

The Photography Competition

SIESCOMS, a safety software, named ‘MICRO RISE UP’, was provided free of cost, to all female students. This software runs on Blackberry and Android OS and was developed and provided by Micro Technologies (India) Ltd, a Navi-Mumbai based firm.

Last but not at all the least, the event concluded with a graceful and aesthetic dance by a group of girl students, through which they portrayed the victory of good over evil. It was greeted by the audience with rapturous applause.

We the women of SIESCOMS, extend our respect and heartfelt gratitude to all faculty and non-faculty members, participants, The Women Empowerment Cell, The Sahyog Committee and the lively audience for making International Women’s Day a grand success and a memorable event for all female SIESCOMITES.

It’s not just about the 8th of March, or any other such day. It’s about respecting the mother, the sister, the daughter, the wife and most importantly, THE WOMAN AROUND YOU and celebrating her womanhood everyday!


Esha Shah

(MMS 2012-14)


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