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Life at SIESCOMS as a PG-Pharma student is an adventurous one and here’s a snapshot!!

We wake up with the first ray of sunlight, wink those teeny-weeny eyes, stretch those inzy-winzy bones and start our day with a beautiful smile. But if you had to see, these activities happen at such a tremendous pace, it would look as if a CD was fast forwarded. No matter what, we somehow manage a ‘complete’ breakfast. We rush to the station where we perform a very important ritual – we prepare ourselves – mentally and physically, to board the train!!! As the train arrives, the placid atmosphere turns dismal! We aggressively jostle and tussle to get into the train and then get locked up in the coop. On reaching our destination, the trains ‘burps’ out a ‘lot’ of people, and out we go!!! Everything said and done, train traveling does generate a kind of sportsmanship spirit and inculcates the Olympic motto in us- FASTER, HIGHER, SRONGER. But frankly, ‘SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST’ is the most apt phrase to describe the feat.

And then, from the station to college – we reach. By that time, our neatly ironed dress and our well set hair is all messed up! We do some touch-ups and ….our day at college begins…..

The routine and  prolonged lectures often leave us wanting energy drinks but it’s not Glucon-D for us, instead it’s ‘canteen ka cha or coffee’. The favorite pass time in college is the canteen- our ‘adda’ which is always over-flooded during the lunch hours. If fortunately, we happen to get ‘off ‘ lectures, which we usually await for (because the canteen’s pretty empty at non-peak hours), it’s something like ‘sone-pe-suhaga’ for us.

What is MBA without presentations??  The energy levels are quite high on presentation days.  Presentations are heart-throbbing, we enjoy them to the fullest. Usually, we either put a ‘lot’ or ‘ very little’ stuff on the slides; sometimes they are overloaded with animations, sometimes literally dull and drab-devoid of animations. Presentations have been happening throughout the course.  Initially, all were super enthusiastic about it, but gradually it became a ‘mandatory’ chore which had to be done whether you liked it or not.


  • Presentations
  • Assignment submissions
  • Mid-term exams
  • Theory exams

The most interesting part (ironically) is assignment submissions. We tend to complete our assignments when it’s time for submission, which I’m sure is the case with all in the Student Community!!  Just before the due date, completed assignments (which are usually 4-5 in number) are in big demand. And getting those assignments for completion is like ‘finding water in the desert’.

Just before the examination, hunting for notes is another exciting job, with few students hiding their notes, some of them not having any notes and a handful of them who are thorough with their notes. At that time, photocopying becomes a daily chore and on second thoughts, it sometimes seems profitable to own a Xerox machine itself.

Examination is the worst night-mare of all! We wait to heave a sigh of relief as soon as the dreaded ordeal ends. During preparation, inquisitive eyes skim from one page to another trying to grab marketing theories, Balance sheets, statistics formulae, and anatomical structures (sometimes, swapping the bones or the muscles from one part to the other). Phew!  We feel slothful, but we have to slog! At the end moment, just few hours before the exam there’s an frantic exchange of topics amongst all the students. The exam ends and everyone’s asking each other, ‘paper kaisa tha??’ and comes the commonest answer of all, “thik tha’…!

‘PROCRASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME’, ‘STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT’, ‘A STICH IN TIME SAVES NINE’ etc. All these warn us against the dangers of delay in action and stress on the importance of timely action and punctuality. Fortunately or unfortunately, we discover that only when the exams end. After the last paper, we promise ourselves to utilize our time judiciously and give our best in the upcoming semester. But as time passes, the spirit formerly developed goes on the wane and the same condition prevails for the next semester…! Truly “EXAMINATION IS THE MOST UNPLEASANT AND UNPALATABLE SUSPENSION”.

After getting de-energized by the exams, thankfully, we get revitalized by the many activities that keep happening in College, the best of all being our Annual Fest – Virtualities. Our energies were at the peak during those days and we enjoyed them the most!! In the meanwhile, rumours were rampant about the results being declared. The results were announced, and a new semester began…..Surely… the whole cycle will be repeated!!!

Most of what I’ve described will surely strike a chord with all my college mates and with students across MBA colleges. But, SIESCOMS is where you CAN  ‘Rise with Education’ if you are willing to grasp opportunities and devour every bit of knowledge that passes you by.

Exciting things happen in life, but time does pass. With the passage of time, we forget some incidents because they really didn’t mean much to us. But some things stay in our memories forever, as long as we live. Undoubtedly my friends,  these are those days…!


It is a beautiful life as a PG student at SIESCOMS, in short,  a ‘palatable cocktail’….!

We fight, we help, we have disputes, we compromise, we learn, we share and we do everything…!

Life in SIESCOMS  is really worth-living, definitely with no regrets….!

Deore Snehal
Batch 2011-13


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