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Working with NGOs

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SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS) believes and continually perseveres to achieve holistic development of its students by integrating management lessons with cultural values and ethos. This focus arises from the realisation of the dire need for future Managers who are capable of adapting to the dynamic Corporate World while also being sensitive to the needs of the society. In this view, students at SIESCOMS are encouraged to gain experience in organisations that endeavour for social causes.

The recent years have seen several initiatives by the College to integrate Management Education with Social Responsibility. One of them is an Internship at NGOs – An activity that started as a tie up with 19 NGOs in 2008 has grown to 57 NGOs across India this year.

Here, students of PGDM are allocated a particular NGO for a period of 15 days. Dr. Durga Surekha – Faculty ( SIESCOMS ) ensures that each student gets associated with a suitable NGO. During their stint, students are exposed to Fund Raising, Development of Marketing models and other activities for NGOs. This exercise aims at exposing students to social issues at the grass root level and at sensitizing them to the needs of the lesser privileged lot.

As the students serve at the NGO, they help the organisations understand their functional problem areas and help them derive sustainable solutions using their classroom knowledge. The internship also helps students develop a research mindset and apply bookish knowledge to real-life issues. This initiative thus intends to evoke analytical and creative thinking in the students for the cause of the welfare, growth and development of NGOs. It gives us great pleasure to see that this project that we initiated with doubting minds and shaky feet has turned out to be a successful and valuable venture that evokes analytical and creative thinking and more so, a social bend of mind among the students.

Sharon Mary John

Under the guidance of Dr. Durga Surekha


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