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Workshop & Interview

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Tête-à-Tête with Mr. Jolly Mathews and Mrs. Priya Vasudevan.

Mr. Jolly Mathews and Mrs. Priya Vasudevan organised an eye-opening and insightful workshop aimed at converting students’ fear, anxiety, and apprehensiveness into confidence, enthusiasm and excitement, thereby bringing us closer to the transformation to impressive corporate individuals.

Here’s a short interview with both the dynamic personalities:

Q.1. Having spent so many years in the pharmaceutical industry, what according to you is the most important factor to be successful in Corporate?

JM : There are many critical success factors essential to be successful in Corporate. READ, READ and READ. One needs to update oneself on a regular basis. By the time you complete your course which was probably formulated some 5-8 years back, you are nearly 10 years behind the current scenario.

PV : It is very important to have a sound knowledge of your subject because pharmaceutical industry is all about the quality of knowledge one possess.

Q.2. Is there an ideal mantra to be successful in corporate life?

JM : Yes, of course. It’s up to the person to formulate an ideal path based on one’s intellect, objectives and goals. But definitely an ideal mantra / discipline has to be followed.

PV : It’s all about ‘SMART WORK’. It’s not how much you slog in the organisation but how much value you add to the organisation.

Q.3. Are experienced people at par as compared to the fresher’s?

JM : It’s not about experience but what value addition you have done to yourself in those many years spent in the industry.

PV: It’s all about the dexterity. One’s skill and intellect are not determined by the number of years of experience but by what he /she actually learnt and how it is applied it at the workplace. Requirements however differ from organisation to organisation. Few organisations always need young, enthusiastic employees to pour in new ideas whereas other traditional one’s go for experienced candidate only.

Q.4. What about the job cuts in Pharmaceutical industry in the West?

JM: The West has more job cuts because of the current Economic crisis in the west whereas there are ample job opportunities in India (A reason for Pharma Post Grads to smile!)

Q.5. Finally any message for budding entrepreneurs?

PV : Passion and inner drive to reach your objective is very important to be a successful entrepreneur. The most important factor is RESILIENCE. The spirit to ‘hang-on’, never give up and getting up even after falling ‘n’ number of times is what enables an entrepreneur achieve her goals.

JM : I completely agree. I’d just like to add that a great idea is the basis to be a successful entrepreneur. It’s mandatory to have a passion to follow your dreams and to always be creative in whatever you do.

Glimpse of the workshop :

6 hours of workshop….But throughout, students were alert, attentive and at the peak of the energy levels, ready to grasp anything and everything that was aimed at them. The workshop was a dialogue unlike the routine monologue interactions and was drenched in fun-filled and informative activities.

Mr Jolly Mathews started the session on a light note by quoting that, “You can’t choose your parents nor your bosses”. But never fail to “Keep absorbing and keep picking. Any experience should enrich you with at least 3 learnings. INTROSPECT continually”.  Mrs. Priya Vasudevan explained to us the objective of the workshop and yes, they were successful.

Activity 1:    Appreciating each other:

A small exercise was conducted after which we could see everyone smiling. The ambience was filled with positivity. There was sudden boost of energy and ‘Appreciation’ was one factor, they said, which enabled people in the Corporate to ‘DELIVER.’ It helps to build quick bonds and  in getting people do what you want them to do for you, in an amicable manner.

KEY LEARNING: Try and appreciate each other….It feels Great!

Activity 2:   What you think would be different and what you think would be the same in your Graduation College and the Corporate.

Students were divided into 4 different groups and were asked to put their point on flip-charts. It was an interesting activity, indeed.

Activity 3:  Survey and interaction with the Doctors.

When it comes to surveys, proper designing and planning is a very essential part. Questions should be few, to the point and direct. The questions should be precise and probing to some extent, but not offensive. It should be such that drawing definite conclusions becomes easy. It should not be an endless conversation long enough for the person to detest you.  This activity which involved a practical role play helped us understand the finer nuances of conducting successful and effective surveys.

We were given a perspective on what the Corporate expects from us: to be disciplined, to possess intelligence & grasping power, to go beyond the brief, to follow-up and be prompt, innovative and finally, to be very resourceful.

We were also briefed on clothing etiquettes. After all, it’s all about ‘PERCEPTION’ when it comes to creating the right impression. Finally, Mr. Mathews and Mrs. Vasudevan emphasized on the importance of NETWORKING in order to grow and sustain in the industry….!

The learning gained from this Workshop will definitely guide our path as we move closer and closer to the day when we will finally step into the corporate world!!

Interview and Compilation : By Deore Snehal (PGD-PM).


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