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Dear MBA Aspirant,

We knew you would come. So we thought we’ll keep a post ready for you!! Yes, we know you are here to catch a glimpse of SIESCOMS and we are sure you’ll get more than just a glimpse here. But before that, we’d like to introduce ourselves to you.

We are the Blog team, and The SIESCOMS Blog is our baby. We initiated it in January 2012 with a view to encourage reading, writing, internal communication and discussions amongst ourselves. And we are so glad that it has grown to more than just that in a very short span of time. We’d be acting awfully partial if we’d take all the credit for that to ourselves. We must admit that our Professors have truly been a great source of encouragement in this venture, guiding our steps whenever we needed help. And, a part of the credit also goes to our colleagues who gladly accepted the Blog as their own.

Well, we don’t want you to be at this article only, so we are cutting it short!! Go ahead & explore… Have a great reading experience. Hope to see you in SIESCOMS !!

You could also get in touch with us on the ‘SIESCOMS‘ & ‘SIESCOMS Blog‘ Facebook Pages.

The Blog Team


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