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Internship @ Microtechnologies

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An integral part of a MBA is an internship

The compass that guides your career’s ship

You dip into the stream of your future

Whether you wade or drown is decided here….

Selected was I at Micro Technologies India Limited

I had to ensure that from me they benefited

I, of course knew nothing about finance,

But I had to grab with both my hands this chance…

An office tucked away several miles outside the city

The bus service they provided left no space for self pity

As a warrior I thus strode into the sprawling battlefield

To face the impending battle with my sword and shield…

For a mentor I had a wise and serene sage

who encouraged me to break open my bondage

inspiring me to soar through the open blue skies

from my depths he urged me to yet again rise….

There were of course moments of strife and friction

Times when my work did not match his prediction

Traversing the maze of finance and valuation

Worrying about our project’s final depiction….

However at the end of the journey we won

As we stretched ourselves and reached the sun

Battling various odds and surmounting difficulties

Achieving victory over diverse adversities…

As I now look behind towards those trying times

Realizing that’s how life sometimes chimes

It’s through the tunnel of despair and perils

 That we learn and exercise better vigils….

This then is the story of my internship……

Anirudh Jayaram

Batch of 2011-13


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