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The Beginning @ SIESCOMS

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I am sure many of you will relate to the story. If not now, then over the next few months.

I did get SIESCOMS in CAP round 1 itself, but since it wasn’t in my list of top 5, I didn’t have to necessarily take it, so I chose to wait another time for a better college. CAP round 2 didn’t yield any favourable results and in the CAP round 3, I ended up getting SIESCOMS again. This time I either had to choose between taking it or not doing MMS at all. I chose the former. It seemed like I was meant to be at this place.

I came to college to complete my formalities and was told that I would have to join the following day. Although getting into a good college was on my mind for the entirety of the year before, all of a sudden I got a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach which actually translated that I wasn’t ready for this!

I did come the next day, dressed in my best formal wear, travelled across one end of the city to the other over the Vashi bridge to Nerul. The first day I was in a daze especially because I had missed induction and there were a lot of new faces around. The thought of having missed a lot of lectures in a professional course and having to make up for it was terrifying. Although all my classmates were very welcoming, I took my own sweet time to warm up to the environment.

Lectures started in full swing, and everything seemed so new, so different. There was class interaction which I didn’t quite participate in, given I had no clue of what was going around. Most often than not, there were general introductory talks on management subjects and the language of the discussions was something I had read in the financial dailies while preparing for the entrance exams and had dreaded it. Well, believe it or not, I regretted not having read enough newspapers when all such professor-student rapports happened. My B.Com and BMS classmates obviously had an edge over me when it came to such talks. But there were many of us who had the same dumb expression on our faces in the initial lectures, so it made things easier.

As things proceeded, with more and more class discussions and group assignments, I started getting a hang of both studies and my classmates. Things started getting interesting. Working in various groups with several people, agreeing to them, sparring with them, reaching a consensus at the cost of upsetting some of the group members was becoming a routine.

The professors were also very accommodating. They were faced with a volley of questions each day given everyone were from a diverse background. We could ask them any question without hesitation and they would be more than willing to help us out. To avoid embarrassment, you can ask them after class gets over!

There were times when I was so disinterested that I started questioning the very idea of pursuing an MBA. But all I had to do is turn myself either to the left or to the right, and confide in a friend. The other side of the conversation was my interest reinstated.

Then there were the events which were designed around management themes but still gave a feeling of being in Degree College, where life revolves around organizing or participating in fests. Over time, I couldn’t even remember the sinking feeling that I had before I joined college. It just disappeared. I am proud of where I am now, having made peace with the fact that I could have been some place better. Over the past year, I have definitely become a more mature person having the ability to not just think things but to think through things and analyze them better. Also, I definitely understand the financial newspapers better!

So, in a nutshell, there will be a lot of you, who would feel out of place, not understand what’s going around, how to go about assignments, how to finish projects in groups, BUT the key is perseverance.

You take one step at a time, be patient, persist and learn. Ask questions; don’t let them linger on in your mind since you are on your own now, so an unsolved doubt is going to stay forever. Rather than just learning without a direction, understand why you’re learning what you’re learning, have a lateral approach. Stick to deadlines (it would take you quite some time to fall in that habit) because if you learn this habit now, it would get ingrained in you just in time for your life ahead. Just like it was mentioned in the inaugural address, don’t aim at employment but aim at becoming employable!

As a parting comment, I would like to quote my favourite thought: ‘Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas’. I would really wish all you work towards being great minds!

Riddhima Sharma
Batch of 2011 -13

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