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“I believe I can fly, the walls of an institute cannot contain me, and nobody who wants me to crawl with the rest of the crowd will ever succeed in clipping my wings!

I believe I can FLY….. & I WILL FLY!!”

Who am I? I am just another MBA student like you. But I have decided that I will not lead the life of just another student of MBA. My life is worth more than that. I am capable of much more than that, and so are you! If you believe!!

These words of inspiration come from a voice within me, my inner self which was deeply moved by the words of a great man – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, whom I had the good fortune of listening to in person. Thanks to the Shanmukhananda Society that organised a felicitation programme in which students of SIES Institutes across Mumbai could be an audience. I am glad that I chose to be one among them.

Words of Wisdom flowed from his radiant face, rolled across the masses that filled the seats of the auditorium, came over to me seated in one of the last few rows and touched my heart. His words, filled with inspiration are worth sharing with a million more people. And that is what I intend to do. I want to FLY…and I want many more to FLY with me!

Throughout the course of history, we see exemplary individuals reaching for the skies, flying above the rest, as the world watched in awe and amazement. Thomas Alva Edison, Madam Curie, Wright Brothers, Dr. CV Raman and many many more are still remembered for their extraordinary achievements.  What was the secret of their achievements? Dr. Kalam says, “They were UNIQUE. And that is what set them apart”.  Think of you and the crowd around you!  If you are a B-school student, you have at least 100 clones with you as batch mates. Consider the TOP 20 B-schools in Mumbai and that makes it 2000 clones. Oh..oh..Let’s not even discuss the all-India figures!!! Now doesn’t it make sense when Dr. Kalam says that you have to be UNIQUE to stand out in the crowd? Well, it makes complete sense, but how can you be unique? Dr. Kalam has just the perfect recipe!

First, have a GREAT AIM! Have a goal that is greater than yourself, A target that’s a little beyond what you can easily achieve. Many of us get disqualified at this stage itself. We are still not clear about what we want from life and what we can do with it!! And I will not discount myself. It’s just recently that I have been fortunate enough to have realised my purpose in life, the GREAT AIM of my life! And I’ve learnt, the KEY is to ‘Keep Looking, Don’t quit’. Take up every opportunity that comes your way, and continually explore yourself! Slowly but surely, your destination will unfold itself to you!

Second, persistently and incessantly ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE! Let great books, great humans and great teachers be your guide. You will find all three categories around you, everyday. An obvious source of course, is a library that’s closest to you – there you’ll find great books that tell you about great humans and they become the greatest teachers in your life. Trust me, you have no idea how reading can transform your life. Knowledge will empower you; it will set you apart – place you a notch above the rest. To know what I’m speaking about. You must to try it. And, I’m sure you will!

And thirdly, SWEAT, WORK HARD and PERSEVERE! I don’t think I must explain this one. There has never been and there will never be a substitute for this tenet of life. So, work hard, you must!!

This much, and you are ready to FLY. Rise above obstacles, for obstacles are those frightful things you see only when you take your eyes off your goal. Be unique, Rise and soar!! But remember, as Dr. Kalam said, “To be UNIQUE, you have to fight; because everything around you is constantly trying to make you like everybody else.”

Make up your mind today! And let these lines of the outstanding and magnificent Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, be engraved on your heart as you embark on your journey….

“I will fly
I am born with potential.
I am born with goodness and trust.
I am born with ideas and dreams.
I am born with greatness.
I am born with confidence.
I am born with wings.
So, I am not meant for crawling,
I have wings, I will fly,

Sharon Mary John
Batch of 2011-13



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