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Dear SIESCOMITES, your Blog is now a Sophomore..!!

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Yes…. YOUR blog has been kicking and running for over a year now!

We are sure you’ve noticed that our blog has done a great job through its first year, featuring lots of articles that portrayed varied ideas and genres. It got us SIESCOMITES together. It gave us a platform for expression, letting us convey our thoughts to the world outside. Having said this, we’d first like to thank all SIESCOMITES for their valuable contributions so far and the constant encouragement that helped our Blog grow. We truly appreciate your efforts!

Now, we envision to collectively take YOUR BLOG to new and greater heights!

We aspire to create a platform, where students from varied disciplines and specializations can come ahead and contribute by writing about any topic that would add to the knowledge bank of ‘US’, SIESCOMITES.  It could be Marketing or Finance, Pharmacy or an impending global crisis; something that interests you and you have an opinion or a view about. All you need to do is write to us, and we will feature your article on The SIESCOMS Blog. Writing an article, we believe, not only allows you to express your thoughts, but also to share your knowledge and broaden your horizons about the topic…. We are sure you want to give it a try!!

Like it is said, ‘Tiny drops make a mighty ocean’, the goal set is huge and it cannot be achieved without YOUR co-operation. Yes, we need support from each one of YOU out there. We beckon you to come forth, explore the latent talent in YOU and contribute to the SIESCOMS community, in your own little way. Remember, you don’t really have to be a ‘writer’ to contribute. It’s your ‘thoughts’ that we value; write what you want to share and we’ll take care of the nuances of language!

Looking forward to a thumping response from each one of YOU.

Let’s take a step forward towards sharing and growing!! 


Any comments...

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