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Home away from Home : SIESCOMS

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After completing my Engineering, one fine day I decided to introspect a little bit. Typical to all self-analysis, it was far from pleasant. To say the least, I was lazy, casual and highly indifferent. Though, I wasn’t unhappy, I realised that I lacked a clear sense of focus.

And just when I was wondering about how to straighten things up little by little; like a sermon from God, things changed drastically. On 22nd August 2012, at 2:45 pm, I received the news about successfully getting through one of the best business schools in the city – SIESCOMS! My joy knew no bounds. In a day, I was transformed from a ‘no good’ to an ‘MBA student’!!

After the initial euphoria of this phenomenal make-over died down, the facts dawned on me. I began to realise that I had to cover a huge back log of a month’s studies since I was a late entrant. As I nervously kept contemplating on my decision of joining the course for the first few days at college, I was pleasantly surprised when two of my batch mates from graduation landed up in my division!! I was ecstatic. We were soon able to make up for the loss, thanks to the entire class, which helped us newcomers get into the groove of the process, in a manner that was nothing short of lively and enthusiastic.

Juggling time between the gym, college and myself, I was finally getting into the flow. And that is when our professors bombarded us with a series of projects, assignments and presentations. For a girl with multitudes of sloth, 24 hours seemed to fly by in a jiffy. According to me, presentations are highly over rated and having public speaking phobia just makes matters worse. Look at me now and you’ll find me confidently expressing my view points through these very presentations which I once abhorred. Memories like these instantly fill me with pride because they are an indication that I am changing for the better.

Spending roughly 8 to 9 hours every day rightly makes me call my college, my second home. A home away from home protecting, teaching and nurturing just like every home does. Unconditional love and support from every soul of my second home helps me brave these long hectic hours. Besides that, every day teaches me something new about myself. Working with friends and colleagues, I have come to realise the importance of team work, leadership and sharing. The infrastructure, facilities, professors and the overall ambience make me realise how truly blessed I am.

Truly, it’s been a wonderful time so far and I am proud to call myself a SIESCOMITE!! Hopefully, I will prove myself worthy of this institution which rightly is, my second home!!

By: Neha Vinayak Joshi (PGDM 2012-14)

Sourced by: Ruchika Shrivastava ( PGDM 2012-14)


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