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Evolving Trends in Marketing

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Times have changed, so have the customers. Innovation is necessary; product placement has become vital; market is cluttered, consumer has power and choice and competition is cut throat!! Amidst this scenario lies the debate on traditional v/s non-siestraditional marketing techniques. Today, marketers are torn in between these two ideologies. While you have a well established, successful and proven method of traditional marketing on the one hand, you have the glimmering and promising yet unsure way of the so-called modern marketing, on the other.

As we approach the end of 2012, let’s have a look at some of the breakthrough trends and strategies that appeared this year. The year kick started with the thunderous response to ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’ The song was officially released at the end of 2011 and instantly became viral on social networking sites for its quirky Tanglish lyrics which the youth could relate to. Apart from it, the viral marketing technique of uploading the song on the most popular website and targeting the right audience was what made it a rage among the public – A perfect execution of the ‘Strategizing-Targeting-Positioning’ principle. Many companies like Nike are joining the digital race, too. Their recent blockbluster video on Youtube is a proof of that.

 Social websites viz. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. are no longer just youngsters’ domain. Most businesses which are big brands today have opted for these to garner more loyalty and increase penetration. Marketers have started to realize the importance of social sieschannels. Gone are the days of living with a static website, if you want to be a ‘brand’. Interactive websites provide a platform for the customers to share their stories, grievances, and happy moments associated with the product which develops a bond between the consumer and the brand.

Many advertisements from the top brands are uploaded on their social pages, rather than spending huge amount on printing them on a regular basis in magazines and newspapers. Even the print advertisements have some twist integrated in them to make it attractive. A recent example is the two-page advertisement for the Polo and Vento in the Times of India, the first page is bare but for the headline “Feel the shiver of excitement?” go to the second page and the light sensitive box starts vibrating.

Earlier products were made and sold to the customers. Now, customers decide on the type and innovations they require and such a product is introduced in the market. Hence targeting the specific audience is essential which is very much possible through digital advertising, social sites, mobile marketing, geo – targeting.

Despite the fact that the traditional media are getting replaced by new upcoming online marketing trends, businesses still see benefits of traditional marketing. The surprise package here is, Television. Although a traditional medium, television continues to enjoy a lion’s share of revenues in the media industry. Many attribute the growth of non-traditional media to the economic slowdown. Every marketer wants to tighten the budget and still ensure higher returns.

So, should a business follow the online race? The answer is Yes! You simply cannot turn a blind eye towards the modern way of marketing, because your reticence now could be someone’s opportunity. In the age of evolving digitization and online marketing, remember that you are a part of the clutter unless you are interactive and innovative!!


Nitu Nair

MMS (2012-14)


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