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“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”   –   Peter Drucker

It felt like that day wouldn’t end. The sheer thought of another lecture put all my insides to sleep. I was mentally planning to cut off when I learnt that we would be discussing leadership as part of General Management! I thought to myself whether leadership truly existed in today’s scenario of corruption and other malpractices and growing public discontent. It was then that I decided to research on the same, only to be inspired to a whole new level.

Thought leadership is a term coined by Joel Kurtzman, for an entity or a person having innovative ideas and great insight supported by a strong vision. Rightly so, leadership is an siesocean made of the many drops of teamwork, excellent communication skills and most importantly sharing of one’s knowledge pool. A thought leader puts the dream of an organisation prior to his interests and eventually creates a sense of commitment, dedication and a sense of ownership in the team members who succeed in sharing a common goal.

Many business-to-business and industrial companies – including GE, Siemens, DuPont and PricewaterhouseCoopers are pioneers of thought leadership. GE has revolutionized the market with the idea of “Green Technology” by developing new ways to tap potential energy in the form of nuclear, gas, solar and wind power as part of their eco-imagination! Siemens is a brand that is a frontrunner in water treatment and purification technology. They have developed Facebook pages to create awareness among people as well.  DuPont, a leading chemical industry for colours has developed studios in New York for budding architects to create and design wonderful buildings using their colours. PWC hassies captured a large market share by developing technology that includes interviews, videos and insights from over 1,200 business leaders in 69 countries around the globe. That is truly brilliant! Consider this: Marie Hattar, vice president and CMO of Cisco provided some great innovative ideas for addressing the employees by creating an open platform for ideas exchange called simply “The platform-opinions and insights from Cisco” What a phenomenal thought leader!  Truly such examples of inspiring people are many.

However as students, words like leadership, vision and other such concepts seem far- fetched and highly improbable to implement. Yet, we inadvertently practice thought leadership as one of us takes the responsibility of the whole class as a CR or when some of us go out of our way to involve team members to strive for excellence in a presentation. Be it helping one another to study or taking initiative to think differently for the betterment of the college, there is a leader in each of us. All that is needed is to realize our untapped potential!

Each of us has something unique in us. If we can strive for excellence and succeed to the pinnacle through innovation and thinking “out of the box” then, the time is not far when articles on us are published.


Neha Vinayak Joshi

PGDM (2012-14)


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