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Biogerant – The Annual Biotech Mgmt Summit

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siescomsBiogerant 2012, the annual corporate summit of the biotech experts at SIESCOMS, saw the convergence of eminent people from the biotech corporate world. The panelists for the session were as follows:

Mr. Suhas Wadwalkar – VP, Corporate Affairs, Premier Nutraceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Prashant Pathak – Director, Impact People Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Manoj Darade – Marketing Director, Frontiago Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. P.V. Kanitkar – Director, Plant Operations, Pfizer.

These panelists participated in a panel discussion which focused on how Biotech Management as a field, would transform and change by the year 2020, and what measures needed to be adopted to facilitate a smooth paradigm change. The discussion began with the speech of Mr. P. V. Kanitkar, where he concentrated on the fact that preventive measures are not only important in context of life but also in biotech corporate. The various types of vaccines are produced and marketed which has multiple uses in prevention of various diseases. He said “There is no bumper sale or second sale in pharma and biotech industry. The hospital is very delicate filed wherein 0.01 percent inaccuracy can lead to trouble”.

Mr. Manoj Darade focused on the marketing perspective of Biopharma industry. He gave crucial statistics about the Indian Pharma market being worth $ 40 billion and Indian biotech market being $1.82 billion, which comprises of 2% of whole global market. He also mentioned that India is capital of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity etc. Owing tosiescoms the increasing number of individuals falling prey to such illnesses, “Right to Health” should be provided under the constitution of India.

 Dr. Suhas Wadalkar gave valueable insights about the Indian Biotech market too. He mentioned that it has an expected growth of 30% in market of 25,000 cr. He also said that in spite of the not very conducive policies of Government of India, Biotech industry is continuously growing and last year CAGR of industry was 49 %.

Throughout the discussion, various vital aspects of the Biotech industry and Biotech market were discussed, in depth. The varied views and perspectives of the panelists, who belonged to distinct backgrounds, much facilitated the students to gain better and holistic understanding of the matters discussed. The students found the session highly informative and helpful and would surely look forward to more such sessions.

By Nitesh Bhele, PGDM Biotech (2012-14)


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