Nirmaan – The Annual HR Summit

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Nirmaan – The HR corporate event for ‘Virtualities’ sure must have enlightened students a great deal as covered topics ranging from employee behavior to envisioning the Indian workforce in 2020 and understanding the Gen Y.

 The four eminent panelists were:

Mr. Nishant Dangle, Joint General Manager and Head- Training and Development and Talent Management, Essar

Mr. Lawrence Ganti, Director – Pharmaceuticals Division, Merck Ltd. & Head, Merck Serono, India

 Mr. Lalit Kar, Head, Human Resources, Reliance Digital Ltd.

 Mr. Barttanu Kumar Das, Sr. Vice President, HR, Blue Dart Express

 The panelists conducted a very informative and analytic discussion that helped each one understand the content and applications of Human Resources in the corporate world in a comprehensive manner. One of the panelists spoke about Employee Engagement and how important it is to overcome challenges, especially in times of uncertainty due to the economic slowdown. The experts were of the opinion that HR is a mechanism of facilitating a healthy environment to work in which will result in profitability and sustainability.

A wide discussion was held on the topic of Gen Y and how they differ from Gen X. It is evident that Gen Y is more knowledgeable than Gen X due to easy access to a sea of information on any subject, which is why; the learning today is more of an “ascending” process than a “descending” one.

 Does it make sense in educating Gen X with the new technology or re-educating Gen Y with some of the old ones? This question was food for thought in the true sense of the term. Due to vast amount of knowledge as well as advanced and high speed technology, Gen Y is definitely quite ahead. For Gen X, there was more struggle and good results, and for Gen Y, there is less struggle, but better results!

 Through the discussion it was also noted that knowledge alone is not enough. It is also very important to be highly skilled. By nurturing Gen Y to be multi-skilled and imbibing a risk taking attitude, they can be eligible for higher positions at a very young age and perform amazingly well. However, it is also worth citing that the youth need to be taught to refrain from misusing technology. As they tend to take shortcuts or replace it with hard work which will definitely not be fruitful in the long run. A lot of content and knowledge was disseminated from the highly experienced panelists who gave the students an overview of the subject of Human Resources and its implications.

– Ashita D’almeida (MMS 2012-14)


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