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Virtualities Corporate Summit Feb 2012

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Virtualities, the annual management festival of SIESCOMS, is a 6-day event which provides an effective and innovative platform for student-corporate interaction through a series of enlightening and informative sessions. The umbrella event is in turn bifurcated according to specialised management streams. Thus we have Parivartan (for Marketing), Mudrank (for Finance), Nirmaan (for HR), Biogerant (for biotechnology), Pharma-vision (for Pharmaceutical) and IT-llect ( MCA) as the shining domains of the festive event.

Virtualities is designed to give students across the country an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills acquired in various disciplines. It also provides the students a forum to interact and share ideas with the members of the industry.

Each event under Virtualities is organised on the lines of an adopted theme. The chosen theme for Virtualities 2012 is “Surging ahead in dynamic markets”.

The event is organised in two phases. The cynosure of the festival is the corporate event, wherein eminent personalities from all the streams of corporate arena interact with students and share their rich experience, knowledge and expertise through inspiring speeches and panel discussions on topics related to respective themes. In fact SIESCOMS was the first B-School to have such stream specific special corporate interactions.

The second phase comprises of student events in which over a 1000 management and MCA students from a gamut of management institutes across the country participate in different activities by competing against each other and attending workshop and seminars over a range of topics. Student events are truly the heart and soul of the festival where hidden talents unfold with grace and vigour.


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