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Biogerant – The Annual Biotechnology Summit

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The theme of “Virtualities” – surging ahead in dynamic markets is not just a theme for the event but it is a global challenge for various industries including healthcare, IT, retail, etc in the current scenario. The speakers at Biogerant also appreciated this theme of discussion and  gave us their valuable insights. Through this event we learnt how to convert stones of challenges into stepping stones of success.

The  Biotechnology Summit aims to explore newer dimensions and opportunities in the biotechnology sector, which would stimulate professionals with innovative to surge ahead in this sunrise industry.

The Chief Guest was Mr. Shailesh Gadre – Chief Guest, Founder and Managing Director of Stemade Biotech Pvt.Ltd,Founder and Director of GCV Life and Chairman at HealthBridge  Advisor.”Biotechnology is emerging field as IT industry was and is going to bloom by next decade.”Mr. Shailesh Gadre showed us an unimaginable reality of Healthcare, challenges and opportunity in the field of healthcare and Biotechnology industry. He also shared the key attributes of success. He talked about organ farming, personalized medicine, and how the industry is becoming patient centric. He also enlightened the students on Dental stem banking and how awareness should be created in the urban market. He has described that teeth are the fantastic source of Pluripotent stem cells and the dental pulp contains multipotent  Mesenchymal stem cells.

DR. SUNIL CHAUDHRY,  Head Medical Affairs – Reliance Life Sciences emphasised on Pharmacovigilance and Post Marketing Surveillance An update . He told students about how Pharmacovigilance is becoming an emerging trend in the industry. He introduced us with the concept of Safety Monitoring, which included Pre-Market and Post-Market analysis, Adverse Event, Serious Adverse Event, Adverse Drug Reaction. He also enlightened the students on the processes in Clinical Trials, Various criteria’s, Severity of an event etc. He emphasised on the Adverse Event of medicine as well as of device, and how it is of importance. He also threw light on the Pharmacovigilance program carried out in different countries like India, UK, Canada, where in told in detail about how the software works in flow and how reporting takes place. He also emphasised on Pharmacovigilance as “ Harvesting Safety Cult “.

DR. PASCOAL CARVALHO, Head Diagnostic Business , Piramal Healthcare limited enlightened the students Towards Sustainable Brand Stability. He detailed us about the importance a Brand carries in the mind of a customer. He mentioned Brand as the identity which a specific product gets and also affects the personality of the product. Also laid emphasis on the centralization of the entire healthcare industry, where in the Traditional diagnostic space is moving towards Point of care diagnostic space. This change according to him would be the Transition point for the Healthcare industry. He also threw a light upon the different cultural styles in designing Marketing strategies where he had the emphasis on three styles: Western Style, Asia – Pacific style and Indian style. He also had a broad perspective regarding high brand values, challenges, opportunities and also detailed us about the regulatory issues. Lastly he introduced students to a new concept of Generation Next 5 P’s of Marketing which includes: Paradox, Perspective, Paradigm, Persuasion and Passion.

DR. DNYANESH  LIMAYE, President- Association of Pure & Applied Pharmacology, Director , Centre for Advancement of Health Sciences ( CAHS ) and Professor and Head of Department of  Pharmacology, spoke about Pharmacoeconomics : the need of the hour. He introduced the New concept of Pharmacoeconomics to the students and told how it is of importance today in the industry. Pharamacoeconomics is defined as the specific application of the outcome research to drugs where the major emphasis is on the relative measurement of input and output. He talked in detailed about the types of pharamacoeconomics i.e. Cost of illness, Cost benefit, Cost-effectiveness, Cost-utility and Cost-minimization and had a broad discussion regarding Cost Effective Analysis which included: Prevalence, Incidence, Morbidity and Mortality. His major area of focus was on health of an individual and how health plays a vital role in mentoring the diseases at the bay. He also cited many Sanskrit adages from the Ayurveda, emphasising on the health. He ended his session saying “ Healthcare is often considered a basic human right that should be guaranteed to every individual.”

MR. SALIM SHAIKH, Founder HM – Biotech Symbio – generics, talked on Biotechnology – the Sunrise Industry, and the Scope and Opportunities of  Biosimilars  in Biotechnology Industry. He introduced the concept of Biosimilars and the huge market associated with it. He mentioned about the market share of various CAGR drugs have in the synthetic domain of the market. He also told about the market share a Biosimilar drug posse. He also introduced a new concept of “Bio better” which includes products having some modification but possessing same pathways of manufacturing. He threw a light upon the market analysis quoting that 90% of the Biotechnology drugs will be going off patent by next decade. He then told students the differences between Branded Generics Market and Non- Branded Generics Market.

“OPEN SESSION” with  MR. NITIN BIDIKAR ( Associate director at KPMG , India) and MR.SUERSH BABU (Deputy General Manager of USV Biologics). In OPEN SESSION with the students they answered all queries of students and also shared their experiences. They also threw light on the Mergers and Acquisitions  by MNC’s and Indian Pharmaceutical scenario gaining importance today. They also told us about certain qualities which are extremely essential to be an entrepreneur, especially in the field of healthcare.

Overall, the session were very informative and the concepts that we gained during the day will surely help us in the future.

Vartika Yadav and Classmates.


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