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Mudrank – The Annual Finance Summit

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Money matters!!

And  – the Annual Finance Summit organised at SIESCOMS did not fail to touch upon all matters pertaining to money, be it financial services or the capital markets and more.

Mudrank marked the first session of the Virtualities Corporate Summit that extended from 6th to 11th February. The Summit was inaugurated by our line up of esteemed guests after which Dr. S.N.V. Sivakumar, Director-SIESCOMS welcomed the gathering. He couldn’t help but emphasise on the importance of exposure of students to Industry experts who have faced challenges head on and have excelled in spite of the ups and downs of the markets and the economy as a whole. He urged students to take utmost advantage of this unique opportunity given to them by means of Virtualities 2012.

The summit began with Mr. Yeshwant Kapdi – Managing Director – Clearing Corporation India Ltd, delivering the Presidential Address in which he expressed that every free market has to grow and change. The challenge before a manager, in such a vibrant market, is to fathom the depth and direction of this change, and to seek his opportunities in it if he wants to surge ahead. He also emphasised on the importance of market regulators in today’s globally connected markets. Towards the end of his talk, he encouragingly suggested that dynamism has to come in the minds of young men and women, and through them into the markets.

Mr. Ashok Gautam – Senior Vice President and Head Global Market Treasury – Axis Bank, shared his thoughts about how India still remains one of the fastest growing economies and that there is great scope for growth and development in various sectors. He discussed about the various factors that affect market sentiments and how India can surge ahead in dynamic times.

The inaugural session was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Opportunities and challenges in the Financial Sector’. The panellists included Mr. R. Kannan, Head Strategy and Performance Management, Hinduja Group and Ms Tanushree Mazumdar, Senior Economist, VP Knowledge Management, NCDEX along with Mr Ramchandran Iyer, Director for Accounting Services, KPMG as the moderator. The panellists answered the queries raised by the moderator and the students in eloquent terms which helped clear many-a-doubts about the current economic scenario and where India was heading? Gauging the anxiety on the young faces in the audience, the panellists also shared their views on the opportunities awaiting us. Mr. Kannan suggested that the money markets will provide good scope for future managers and emphasised that whatever we pursue, it is important to adjust to changing situations. We might not always get all that we aspire for, instantly. Ms. Tanushree Mazumdar shared that we must be very careful about our choices but at the same time to not avert risks. Mr. Ramachandran finally summed it up by emphasising on the importance of pursuing your interests and excelling in it.

The final session was a panel discussion on ‘Opportunities and Challenges in Capital Markets’. Dr. C.K. Narayanan MD, Growth Avenues, an alumnus of SIES, put forth a comparison of how markets functioned 15 years ago and how different the scenario is today. The members of the panel contributed to the discussion with valuable inputs on capital markets. According to Mr. Naresh Kumar Garg, CEO, Sahara Mutual Funds, fiscal deficit is the biggest challenge that faces India today. He raised concerns about the lack of knowledge and expertise in trading in India.  Mr. Arunkumar Singh, Executive Director, IDBI Mutual, concurred that the opportunities and the potential are huge, but participation is less and that the most importance is financial literacy and change of mindsets. Finally, Mr. Karthik Iyer, Senior VP, SBI Caps, discussed the global markets, the Indian scenario, the happenings in the Investment banking front in India and then finally touched upon Capital Markets, and all this in simple, lucid language.

A sea of knowledge was imparted by the speakers on the day of Mudrank which can run into pages, but sadly we are limited by the need to be concise. The students who attended the Finance Summit have indeed been enlightened for life.

Contributions by:

Ashwin Balakrishnan, Anirudh Jayaram, Rajashree,Shriram R Iyer, Sharon Mary John and Venkatesh Chary


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