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BIOGERANT was great experience covering different aspects of Biotechnology applications.  Stemade MD, Mr.Shailesh Gadre gave immense potential of stem cell industry and its scope in the coming years. Dr. Sunil Chaudhry introduced a upcoming field of Pharmacovigilance which is of importance in the field of Biotechnology . Dr. Pascoal Carvalho shared his experience about brand and its stability considering the Pharma markets. Mr. Salim Sheikh gave us basic knowledge on Biosimilars. Biosimilars can have huge market share if R&D and pathways are recognized. Mr. Nitin Bidikar and Mr. Suresh Babu successfully answered all queries of students sharing experience of their job profiles. Mergers and Acquisitions by MNC’s and Indian Pharma scenario along with importance of Biotechnology as emerging field were discussed. The sessions were awesome, full of knowledge and the best learning experience ever.

Kinjal Shah 

Biogerant as a whole was an excellent way of having a glimpse of the future of biotechnology management. The speakers shared their experience with budding managers and entrepreneurs which was a great delight for all of us, because experienced can never be gained by reading books it can be achieved only by walking through that path. The corporate event was a great learning curve for all of us and the knowledge gained through this event will definitely help us to shape our future course of action in this ever changing dynamic field.

We learnt how the growth of biotechnology has lead to increasing popularity of plant-based drugs in pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, functional foods and even cosmaceuticals in the global market. The future of biotechnology seems to be very bright.  Scientists now believe that biotechnology will provide a wonderful tool to solve many problems and that in future we will enjoy the fruits of  biotechnology and that encourages us!!

Ashish Burhanpurkar 


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