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When someone says capital markets the first thing that flashes in our mind is a television screen displaying – “Breaking News: Sensex up by 50 points or down by 250 points!!” The discussions gave us a clearer picture about how the capital markets function, the role of technology in the stock market, the history behind the setting up of Unit Trust Of India, the challenges faced especially by the banking industry and a sneek peek into the investment banking area. It was a great event which gave us good exposure beyond classroom teaching. The panel discussion helped us to get a holistic view and gain rich insights and knowledge on the financial market, capital market, commodity market and debt market.  We also got an opportunity to clear our queries in the Q & A round. It was indeed a great learning experience!

Preeti Singh & Sneha Shenoy

The inaugural session was enlightening with experienced corporate personalities speaking out of their experiences. It was a great pleasure to hear those great words and grab as much knowledge as we could. The whole session was made very interactive by both speakers of the session which helped us in understanding and assimilating new facts better.

 The second session started with the identifying challenges in financial sector and was made very interactive. The moderator, Mr. Kannan inspired students to express their points of view on financial markets and discuss those with the panel members. It helped us in clearing our thought process and looking at things differently. The session was completely filled with loads of information and knowledge. 

In the second session on ‘Opportunites & Challenges in Capital Markets’, the discussion started with the history and basic concepts of capital markets.  As an emerging economy, what India should look 5 years ahead? What are the opportunities available for entrepreneurs? Which sector can be

selected as a good career option? What are the growth opportunities in various sectors? All these questions were answered very effectively by the panel members.

Overall, it was a great learning experience. A session filled with information from infinite books, infinite research material, infinite articles and infinite experience. The most important thing, we students @SIESCOMS got an opportunity to grab all these in just 8 hours of the Mudrank – event.

Aniket Metkar


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