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I consider myself fortunate to have been an audience to very eminent personalities from the corporate world during NIRMAAN. Mr. Siraj Irani’s thoughts on how there are just two consequences of doing a job i.e. Either you get what you wish for or you don’t, and how knowledge, skills & attitude are all that matters gave a good start to the event. The panel discussions that followed gave me great insights on various issues that we as future HR managers can face as we sit on the other side of the table during recruitments, issues in career planning, work life balance in this dynamic environment and about the challenges of M&A. The final Q & A session was even more exciting with questions pouring in from all corners of the auditorium. This helped us clear many of our unanswered queries. Overall, it was a very interesting & informative session.

Sunitha Sivadasan

Virtualities surely started with a bang! However as an HR student, the day I was anxiously looking forward to, was the day of Nirmaan.

Mr. Siraj Irani’s motivating speech on how to be sustainable and profitable in order to achieve growth gave us a lot to learn from. The insights provided by Mr. Buckley about the UK markets and trends were indeed stupendous. The second panel discussion gave us excellent information on why M&A’s take place and how HR managers can handle the problems following it. We were thrilled to know some of the personal experiences of such eminent people and also the lessons that they have learnt during their tenure!

It indeed was a fruitful experience. All thanks to our Professor Mr. Nitin Vazirani for having arranged such a phenomenal learning experience which is surely going to last with us forever!

Pranali Poojari



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