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I being a marketing student was specifically looking forward to Parivartan.

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion spun amongst the eminent panelists. Where in amusingly came out the fact of competition in the challenging markets when Gerald Dsouza (Sr. Manager Marketing – Strategic alliances, Cafe Coffee Day) had to comment on the launch of International Coffee making giant Starbucks. The new marketing challenges were discussed briefly.

The final panel discussion which consisted of our super seniors gave us an opportunity to hear straight from the horse’s mouth as to how the scenario would be post completion of our course, what to expect and what not and finally, how to make it big in the industry.

The sessions were designed aptly and it indeed provided a new dimension to innovative marketing strategies in challenging times. Overall the summit posed a dynamic podium for me to explore how the marketing professionals run the show in India.

Mina Makam

Mr. A Mahendran from Godrej, our Chief Guest, shared interesting points about Godrej but sadly, the sound system was slightly flawed during his session.  Consequently, we missed out on a lot of valuable information.  Mr. Ranjan Goyal and Mr N.V. Subramanian’s talk were interesting.

Mr. Narsimhan, although was the star of the day. Right from the word go, he kept everyone’s rapt attention. The discussions were also very useful. By the time it was the last session (Sales & Marketing), the students were pretty exhausted by the continuous download of knowledge and information since morning. But the session was indeed very helpful. All said and done it was definitely great!

Apoorva Phanse


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