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Pharma Vision is a part of the grand fest of SIESCOMS called Virtualities.  Virtualities – 2012 was a great success and so was the Pharma Vision. The event started with a warm welcome by the volunteers and a speech by Mr. S. N. V Siva kumara (The Director, SIESCOMS. The inaugural speech was delivered by the Chief guest for the event Mr. Preethish Toraskar (Head Indian Commercial Operations Mylan India) and then key note address by the Guest of Honour Dr. Huzafaia Khorakiwala. (Executive Director Wockhardt foundation)

Mr.Toraskar addressed the students and stated some important facts essential for striving in this competitive world saying that it is ‘surging ahead in crazy times.’  He emphasised that it is always good to be a part of a positive wave at the right point and need to ride the wave correctly. According to Mr. Toraskar it was important for a student to know what exactly industry needs from Post graduates. They don’t need students but they need managers so it is essential that the education is well equipped and updated to inculcate these qualities and appropriate knowledge so that students thrive in corporate and not just survive. He insisted on investing time on oneself and tailor it to reap benefits in future! He tagged students as BRANDS and organisation as CUSTOMERS! When we join a particular organisation we are products and depends on us how we establish ourselves as BRANDS! Finally he asked students to BE READY FOR MARKET and wished all the students luck.

Dr. Huzafaia Khorakiwala, Executive Director of Wockhardt is involved in Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) activity. He believed in ‘What you do is what you get.’ He has written a book on ‘7 Human Values.’ Values emphasised are TRUTH, LOVE, GENEROSITY, HUMILITY, PATIENCE, GRATITUDE, and FORGIVENESS. Any person should have an amalgamation of these values for an enhanced and successful living. He also appreciated that SIESCOMS was the rarest of the audiences to guess all the 7 values correctly. Knowledge, action, Values and speed are four important pillars for achieving success.

Then the students were addressed by Mr. Salil Kalliyanapur (Commercial Head Cardiovascular, Rhinology, Oncology and Biosimilars at Glaxo Smith Kline) who threw light on ‘Innovative Business transformation in INDIAN PHARMACEUTICAL industry.’ He tagged Health Care sector as the SUNSHINE sector. Health Care is a ‘Public Good’. He took everyone through the ‘Window of opportunity’ in the Sunshine sector.  He stated that Traditional delivery model is still physician oriented; there is a ‘dearth’ of flow of information from the physicians to the patients. He discussed Ernst and Young’s report. He suggested the need to shift from mass marketing to mass customisation wherever possible. Also the right message should flow towards the patients. Prime inhibitors of growth are Micro-segment, premium prices, non-responders and increased competition. It was an eye-opening session for it focussed on ‘emerging industry.’

This was followed by ‘Brand building up without CRM – is it possible’ session by Mr. Rajendra Patkar (J.B. Chemicals). He added 3 new P’s (Profit, People and Physician) to the conventional 4 P’s of marketing. He focused on Rx triggers and how important they were, how it varies from brand to brand. He discussed two live examples of Cilacar and Rantac.

Finally a Panel discussion on ‘Pricing imbroglio: A compromised pharma growth.’  Mr. R. Patkar (J.B. Chemicals), Mr. Kalairaj (Ranbaxy) and Mr. Shailesh Patil (Mumuksh consultancy) were at the panel and Mr. Mangle was the moderator. The point of discussion was that now since government had declared almost 348 drugs under DPCO which is a growing concern because this would mean meagre profits and these drugs would soon wane off due to lesser revenues. It ended highlighting a fact by Mr. Kalairaj that “Government doesn’t have objections on the overpriced burger of Mc.D but definitely puts heavy control on pricing of Lipitor which is a lipid lowering drug!” Ironic but true.

Every speaker thanked Prof. Deshpande, Mrs. Chitra R., Mr. Tambe and Mr. S.N.V Siva kumara for inviting them and giving an opportunity for sharing their views with the students. The Pharma vision concluded and students grabbed immense knowledge about the industry.


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