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The event was all about ‘Ambush Marketing’ or the ‘Battle of the Brands’ where the teams siescomshad to devise a marketing strategy to attack their competitor(s) from a hidden position. The participants were given 2 brands, 1 being their home brand and they had to come up with a strategy to ambush the other competitor brand. The criteria used for choosing the winners were originality of ideas, ethical practice followed, and feasibility of proposed marketing strategy.


1st Prize – Khushboo Rajaney and team (SIMSR)

2nd Prize – Jobin Mathew, Richard Manickam, Reagan Chettiar (SIESCOMS)


The event was modelled on stock exchanges the world over, and took the participantsstockhastic through the main moves of share transactions. It captured the excitement of real time trading on the stock market. There were rumours and news, using which, the participants had to decipher the clues, decode the puzzle of Stocks, IPOs and ADRs and claim the title of ‘The Stock Market Czar’.


1st Prize – Chinmay Shirsat & Purvi Barai (Father Agnels, Vashi)

2nd Prize – Giriraj Damani & Maulik Doshi (IES, Bandra)


It was an event designed to recognise the best management talent of today. It consisted to three rounds. The 1st round was an aptitude test that tested the general awareness of the participants. The purpose of round 1 was to ensure that the best management talent is an informed and not ignorant individual. The 2nd round put to test the creativity of the participants. The 3rd round was a Q&A round, where in the participants had to face the questions asked by the panellists.


1st Prize – Chinar Desai (SIESCOMS)

2nd Prize – Jobin Mathew (SIESCOMS)


It was an event which judged the strategic acumen of the participating teams. The teams crickage_1st prizewere provided with a virtual purse with a total worth of Rs.100 crores to build a team of 15 players by bidding for the player they wanted. To make the process more realistic there was a player auction based on the lines of IPL. Mock bats with LED’s were provided to participants for placing their bids. The event proved to be a stupendous one with the players being exhilarated with it.


1st Prize: Niket Gajra and Bhavik Jani (SIMSREE)

2nd Prize: OjusDandekar, Raj Solanki and SumitBordikar (IES)


The event was a novice one. It was a case study competition where in, instead of written copies of case studies, the participants were shown a video. The video encapsulated theDrishtikon1 case to be studied. After the video was shown, the teams were given 30 minutes for analyzing the case and 10 minutes to present their analysis. Following its presentation, each team had to face questions from the judges. The overall analysis of the case and the answers to the questions asked were used to decide the winners.

Winner: Team Netrutva (SIMSR)


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