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Each team consisted of 4 members. There were two rounds. In the first round, the teams had to enact the ad prepared by them on the products allocated to them. The products siescomswere allotted to the teams, a couple of days prior to the event. In the second round, the qualified teams were required to pick up 4 different chits, which would determine their Product, Prop, Actor and Actress. The team had to present an ad encompassing these 4 components. The ads presented by the teams were evaluated on the basis of  Clarity of message, Ad enactment, Jingle, Punch line and humour.


1st Prize: Vishnukant Tripathi and team (SIESCOMS, PGDM-PM)

2nd Prize: Abhishek Ward and team (SIESCOMS, PGDM-BM)


The event consisted of two rounds. In the 1st round, the teams had to face a round of rapid questions for three minutes, post which they had to perform a role play to convey a brand that was allotted to them. The 2nd round consisted of a situational analysis. The teams were given a situation similar to the ones faced by medical representatives in the industry. The teams had to analyse the given situation in 30 minutes and present it.


1st Prize – Sandhya Bhatre & Rasik Sawant (SIESCOMS)

2nd prize – Raj Solanki, Vishal Patel & Aditi Puranik (IES)


The event consisted of two rounds and each team consisted of 3 members. For the first round each team was required to present the poster designed by them. The theme for theideas on canvas first round was provided to the teams before the event date. The teams that qualified in the first round, were given a new theme, on the spot, for the second round and were required to make poster on-campus and present it.


1st Prize: Naved Nisar Nakhwa and Tahira Faridi (Allana institute of Management Studies)

2nd Prize: Badal Ajmera, Nikhil Sorathia and Dharmendra Yadav (SIESCOMS)


It was business plan event and was based on the medical tourism industry. Each teams had to submit the executive summary of its business plan by a specified date before the event. The executive summaries were reviewed by a panel and the teams were shortlisted. On the day of the event, the shortlisted teams had to present their entire business plan.


1st Prize: Reshma Shenoy, Tejas Thakur & Madhura Jagtap  (SIESCOMS)

2nd Prize: Nitesh Bhele & Nishant Bannore (SIESCOMS)


siescomsEach team consisted of 3 members. The teams were required to come prepared on the topics given to them, beforehand, for the first round and were randomly asked to debate with the counter team either supporting or opposing the respective topic. In the next round, the qualified teams were required to debate on the topics, randomly chosen by the judges or audience.


1st Prize: Roshan Singh and team (SIMSR)

2nd Prize: Nikhila Chalsani, Ganesh Dayma and Rahul Shah (SIESCOMS)


It was a packaging event. The participating teams had to design a unique packaging (on the spot) for the product allotted to them. For designing the package, the teams were allowed to use only the material provided to them.


1st prize: Students of SIESCOMS (PGDM Biotech)

2nd prize: Students of Thakur institute of management studies


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