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Virtualities Management Events Feb 2012

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In the second phase of Virtualities 2012, we hosted a range of interesting events where students had a chance to be be pitted against the best and the brightest from colleges. We had an amazing footfall of 80 participants from colleges across the country for the events hosted by us on 24th and 25th of February.

Parivartan : Marketing

  • Rise of the Phoenix
  • Pitch the Glitch
Mudrank : Finance
  • Virtual World
  • Mock Stock
Nirmaan : Human Resources
  • Cinesium
  • HR-astra
PharmaVision : Pharmaceutical Management
  • Brand-o-poesies
  • Crack me!
  • Pharmapuzzle
Biogerant : Biotechnology Management
  • Luck Bio Chance
  • BioTracknology
And…. The Grand Event : The Final Frontier

Participants gave each other good competition and some managed to push themselves way up to the top. The winners are here on the Wall of Fame!

We had a great experience planning and preparing the events.  And the sight of  participants returning with a sense of joy and satisfaction, was our prize!


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