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Event : Rise of the Phoenix

The phoenix is a mythical bird that is said to be reborn from its own ashes. It is said to live a full life of a thousand years after which it bursts into flame, from which it re-emerges, stronger, vital and more powerful. A product too lives through a similar cycle of birth (introduction), development (growth), adulthood (maturity), old-age (decline) and death (phasing out). Though, unlike the bird, it never is resurrected.
There are some products, however, which do not even complete these stages and die (figuratively!) prematurely. This is the challenge that has and forever will befuddle marketers for ages to come – how to not let their product fail. More so, revive a product that has already failed.

Now, have you got it in you to take up a challenge that will leave mere mortals scratching their heads? Do you have the marketing acumen to raise your product back from the dead?


Event : Pitch the Glitch

Gear up for the war between intellect and adversity, load your weapons of knowledge and get ready to rattle the battleground of marketing! The war has begun, as SIESCOMS brings to you the mother of all marketing battles – Pitch the Glitch!

Pitch the Glitch epitomises the conclave of marketers hungry for situations that fuel their Marketing Quotient. The event will focus on your abilities to tackle strategic and situational challenges and work out a solution with the finesse of an artist.

So, get ready for the most gruelling social marketing/advertising competition ever. Get ready to face the final frontier!


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